Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is what I was talking about before with Esquire. All the dumb ads. And wondering why we can't squeeze some words in there to get us into the head of the people in there. Sometimes there are these great shots of guy or a man and woman sitting in a club. There are all sorts of things that come to mind. So I wanted to use that somehow. So here's this one from a CK ad. The text goes like this: I knew change from glass. I knew stupid interrupted. I would learn. I hoped I would. But maybe I was too old already. Maybe I was 21 with a glass eye. 

That's that. Maybe it makes no sense to anybody. I like it though.


  1. It's advertising. CK wants their target market to picture themselves in the clothing. Words might have a negative influence.

    It gets even better. Go to the CK web site, then Men and then Suit Separates. The models are headless!

  2. I know it's advertising. Just why does it have to be so dumb. Even more interesting if the words have a negative influence. If it's straight, people respond. Same like in music.