Friday, June 8, 2012

It's so awesome having a blog. You can just write whatever you want. Finishing up a bunch of the writing and pictures I'll be showing tomorrow on the street. There's a bunch of stuff that's aside from that that I hope will come through. Like how to display. We've got four or so easels which I guess I'll use. The only other option would be some sort of display wall I'd have to rent. But that's a hassle. Funny though since I never used an easel. Never even used a canvas. Of course you have to think about the goal. The goal I guess is just to finally have something out there, even if it's done-it-meself. I tried to invite a few people I think are probably into writing and art, but we'll see how that goes. Every time you try to get yourself shown in a gallery somewhere they always ask have you ever had an exhibition before. It's annoying. Maybe it's better. They make you wonder what you want them for anyway. I can rent a spot, I can tell people myself. I can use the blog. I can just write to people I know and invite them. Whatever they can do I can do, and probably I'll do it better because it's for me.