Artist statement

Why do you make art?

When I was growing up I felt there was a lot that adults weren't telling me. I wished people would have talked more. I was thirsty for information; nothing made sense. I remember asking questions all the time and getting little in the way of satisfactory answers. I remember when my grandfather died thinking that all of that information he had, everything that was bottled up inside him - his stories, his ideas, his perspectives - were gone now. I remember thinking how sad it was there wasn't a book or journal or something where my grandfather talked about his perspective and his life.

I've always thought that people are interesting and their perspectives are valuable. I've never understood why more people don't write or paint or do something to express what they really think. I guess I paint because I'd like to show my perspective. But it's about discovering something too. I don't want to paint something that I can already envision in my mind. I wanna find the painting and bring it out. When I'm successful with a painting, it's because I feel like I touched something, a vein of something that runs through the background of the world. I hope that the viewer gets a sense of energy and exploration when he looks at my artwork. That would mean a lot to me.

What inspires you to make art?

I'm inspired by people. I love to watch movies and read stories about people dedicated to a path they're passionate about. It doesn't matter if they're lawyers or doctors or cage fighters. I feel like great work is done by people who attach deep meaning to what they do.

What does your art signify or represent?

My art signifies searching for something and documenting what you find. I think we're all on that pursuit in one way or another.

What's unique or special about how you make your art?

All of my paintings at the moment are paint on paper. Paper and glue have been cheap and easy for me to come by and have suited me well so far. What's special about that is you can actually change the shape of the paintings. They don't have to be rectangular or square in size the way they generally are on canvas. You're actually free to let the painting dictate it's size, which is wild.

Briefly, what does your art mean to you?

For me it's about using color, shape, and texture to find something, discover something. I don't really know how to explain what I mean. The paintings are not always a success.But sometimes the results are brilliant and I feel lucky to have played a part.