Saturday, September 26, 2015

New painting: Lamentation of Christ

Lamentation of Christ
This picture was inspired by the Lamentation of Christ that I saw at a nearby church here in the Karlin District of Prague. There's Jesus to the bottom right laying on the ground, his arm is laying across the bottom of the picture left to right. The blue faced woman is Mary. The head to the right above Jesus is John the Apostle trying to console Mary. To the left is a family of people, a man, a woman, a baby, and a young child. The kids are looking at the hand of Jesus that's lying in the green grass at the bottom left of the picture. There's some stuff that you can't even see since it's a photo. The hand of Jesus is actually gold glitter paper and the green bits of grass above Jesus's fingers is reflective paper. There are also about 50 or so rolled papers of all sorts of colors on top of the picture that give it physical texture and like a 3D sort of feel.

New painting: Sun, water and grass

Sun, water and grass

Monday, September 21, 2015

New painting: Troops, do you.

Troops, do you.
This is a picture of a soldier walking through a jungle. His head and helmet are in the middle of the picture. There's an huge toucan very close to the viewer on the right side. There's an enemy soldier (in blue) mimicking the shape of the toucan. To the left is a monkey looking at the blue man and putting up his arm as well. Below the monkey is a horse with a handmade blanket over him. Inside the arch of the horses neck is a baby elephant.