Sunday, July 15, 2012

yeah loved doing this this morning

Put these down in the park today in chalk. I found a nice little corner up on Vitkov hill this morning. So Marsh and I sat there and a couple of these came to mind. The first one is just about money and thinking about that sort of thing. If you rollover the image you can see the text.

is there any part of this life that's mine? Guess not. I'll ABR (always be renting). Gotta try to make the money though. Get out of here and be able to TCOP (take care of people).

I like playing with abbreviations of things that aren't normal (like the ABR and the TCOP). This second one is just about changing opinions about things and also about saying I don't know. Notice that no one around me ever says they don't know anything, especially at work. It's like some sort of weakness or something. Drives me crazy. I think it's not healthy to be like that because other people see it as a weakness.

What I believe changes every week. Maybe I'm no good. Flip-flopping is weakness. Boy, never say "I don't know."

And my boy marsh being patient meanwhile...

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