Friday, July 20, 2012


The thing about writing is how can you make it sound like this. There's nothing like a hungry human voice. You get that in rap, you don't get that in all music. That's the thing I have against crafting something until it just becomes writing, and not whatever you said when you were hot. That's the thing about how most writing is, it's like journalism or something. Then you lose all the taste though, and you just get the feeling from it that the writer has thought a lot about what he's writing and chose all the words carefully, and went back and tightened it. Sure they do that in rap music too but the delivery is a huge part of it. So you can show emotion even if the lyrics are really crafted. How do you do that in writing though when there's no voice, just the words. That's something man. Like if you look at my post about Pavla's dad, that's way crafted. I don't know man. I want the writing to be straight and real, which to me means not stepped on. But I don't know. It's tough writing something in one moment full of whatever and then leave it alone. Even though it's true in some way and in that moment it was perfect, when you look back on it cold, it's not perfect anymore. Still it feels more real if you leave it alone. I dont know.

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