Monday, June 25, 2012

The thing about the paintings is that there is still something missing from those too. I should be writing or doing something with writing that makes sense. I want to make a book that is real. That has all parts of life in it. All the parts that are beautiful in some way. There are lots of things to do and Prague's a beautiful city but what about all the stuff that's missing. A real connection to art and artists and to other people with ideas and exciting things they'd like to get done. I don't know anyone like that here, but I know they're here. Every big city's got people like that. I have a new idea about some art pieces where there will be writing on the opposite side of a board (the writing faces away and you’re just staring at the back of a board). There will be two arm holes where you'd be able to reach in and feel the lettering on the other side, and you would read it by touch. It’s sort of another step in the tactile direction past the last few pieces I did. The reason for the backwards design is that I always think about the pace and how words get spoken and can change their meaning or give meaning where there normally isn't any depending on the pace you read something at. That's the problem with normal writing on a page. You can't control the pace. You could read it aloud yourself to people but who wants to do that. You can put a bunch of commas, but those don't stand out enough. You can break the writing up down the page so it looks like steps, but I don’t like that. You can put one word on each page, but that's boring and a waste of space. So I think about that a lot. How to play with speed and pace and how to read things in alternate ways. Once I got a dictionary from my Russian friend dmitry and i thought it was pretty amazing because sometimes you'd see an entry and next to that entry in English would be the Russian equivalent, maybe an example sentence in Russian, or something like that. Next to the Russian text was more text in English. I thought that was cool because I didn’t understand the Russian text, but it was interrupting my normal reading, and Cyrillic is a visually beautiful alphabet like Chinese or Japanese. I thought that was sort of cool. here's a sentence that is using writing in another language to slow me down better than a comma might or a period would. A while later I had a piece of writing after that in another book where there's a car accident and the writing switches from normal like this to backwards. 
It's still meant to be read but it's meant to take a bit more time to figure out the words, and then read them back in your head, because there's confusion because there's been an accident. Right now though that's for later. For now I want to make (I’m working on) a book that is a bit more extreme and from the perspective of a little kid in a desert or in Egypt or Morocco somewhere who is doing stuff like going to starbucks and looking at flowers and stuff and his voice talking about all that stuff, along with a lot of pictures and scans of different stuff too. I was thinking before I'll write a story about a kid who grows up in a village and then leaves the village and meets a warrior and goes on an adventure. I was reading a lot of a Hero with a thousand faces at the time. I was thinking I'll just take the Hero Journey skeleton and write a story with this different sort of language. That's not really gonna work though. It doesn’t feel right. I think it should be a boring sort of story in some ways that's just about a kid walking around. Somebody walking around and seeing things and writing about those things he sees and hears. All the writing and pictures are a result of the place, so the pictures and writing are the place and positive things that he loved doing and believes in. I don't know if that's interesting though, and the whole time, if you're me and you like writing and think that you have to keep writing to get to a better place, you're always worrying that something is too far out, too unrelatable. But to me the stories are unrelatable for the most part. I love a story, but I can't write a decent story. I don't have any feeling for character or pacing something and climaxes and all that. Just to write about what I see, and to maybe put that in the mouth of a character, but a very basic character ntl. So that's tough. Trying to make a book that i really like but that i think  people will read. you gotta think about that. you read konrath or any of those author blogs and you know these guys are doing something people might like to read. But a book about a kid where nothing really happens he just goes around spotting stuff and listening to people and he writes about it or about the feeling of it and makes a picture...I don’t know about that.

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