Sunday, June 24, 2012

pitchfork's review of The future of the left and the bands blog response

Recently I was reading a music review on pitchfork for an album by the future of the left. it was pretty strong against the album and didn’t give it a very high score. I listened to some of it on spinner and it was good. for some reason though I ended up searching more about the album in google and came across this article which lead me to the bands blog, which has a pretty pissed off response from one of the band members about that pitchfork review. It's funny and clever and you feel bad for the band because most people are only gonna read the review and not the blog response from the band defending themselves. I wish in the pitchfork review or at the end of it as an update they linked over to the bands blog so people could read the bands side of things. So after I read the blog I was like, this isn't really fair, I'm reading one person's perspective of an album. Duh I know but I like reading about music. And there's so much music you really can't just listen randomly to everything that's available. So I'm back reading reviews and stuff, but I don’t know. They could do more. Now that I know how pissed the band was, and I know the critic rating makes or breaks albums, I wish the site would do more to show all the conversation happening. Maybe they did on other review sites. I don't know. But this is a time when things are connected and it only gives you credit I think if you acknowledge your opinion is not popular. That's something that's possible to do now, which wasn't possible in print. why aren't they doing that though. I would love it if a site reviewed an album and gave the artist a space to respond. I remember Kanye talking about that in the first 5 minutes of an interview on charlie rose. Goddamn must be frustrating to work on an album and have it dumped on. At least with books it doesn't cost anything to write a book. with music though it takes studio time and money and instruments and playing live and all that just for one guy with a ton of influence to make you or break you.

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