Thursday, April 9, 2015

Poem: The skin of can

This is a poem I just wrote. It's about a a can of beer, but also Can (the verb).

The skin of a can
The light of can, the outer window of a can of See-on,
of a can of high life, and a can (v) of life,
a can of my outer life, my fruit of,
the outer of, the light of, the moving of,
the jungle of, the eyes and ears of, the
hope and fruit of, the skin of, the my line of,
the true fit of, the wire of, or line around. My sure dip,
my taking taste, my numbing numb, my summer of, a line around,
my life and light, my single of, to thimble in or wrap around, to 
tumble into ten or so, a future of, and round and round, to develop a bit, 
to about C around my mouth, to someone somewhere, to carry a house, 
a home someone, a home something, somewhere, to about hurt or run away from. 
All my heroes is the out there. All heroes is the unbridled, the someone something 
who went somewhere. I'm about a man about, nearly, a house of, part of, a true fit of, 
the wire of, the wine of, the lifter of, the about fruit, almost a hole, almost a value, 
almost the water, the wine seed, the seal and the gas. And nobody no one 
but the gas and the broom and the push and the broke and the stroke.

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