Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Painting: I don't wanna be white

I don't wanna be white. I listen to a lot of white people speak and I think they're up in their head too much. I wanna push myself. I'm tired of hiding from things I've been hiding from, feelings, fears, being shut off because how things are done has already been established. People say that way is educated, thoughtful, but it feels inhuman, missing impulses and those mean something. I think the brain can fuck you. What about being alive though? What about poetry and life and painting and color and traveling and physical touch and feeling and God or whatever it is? I believe there's so much out there and that we don't even understand, we're just trying to be careful and figure things out logically and we think that's civilized. But there's more than thinking. There's something beyond thinking. There's something inside us that's animal, that we're fighting, that's not logical. We want to push past it, but it's part of us.

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  1. Geoff: Here is my two and a half cents worth having read your recent blog postings. I think you need to tie the artwork into a narrative, develop a theme, because now they are episodic – each seems to stand all alone.

    Understand, you are at a place many people have never been what with your travels, starting the school, working as a writer. I think, and it’s only my thinking, that you need to step back and look at the images, and the captions, but the images mostly and discern what is the story, the narrative, the message that they tell to date and will continue to date.

    Thank about it. And drop the four letter words because they interrupt the flow of the narrative just (see) like parentheses and bolded words and crappy/!,:;,,,, punctuation.