Friday, July 31, 2015

New painting: Black bird in hand. Wow...people watching

Black bird in hand. Wow...people watching
3ft by 2ft
Acrylic on paper
There are two heads to the top of the painting. At the bottom right corner there's a red heart. In the middle is a body and arms holding a black bird. I don't know what the black head at the bottom is. A person maybe. The colors when you put something up like this on the internet don't come through properly. If you could see it in person you'd see there's a lot of texture and the colors are much more vibrant. The reds, blues and greens are all primary colors because those are the only paints I have. What I mean is there are no shades and there is no mixing of paints to get different colors. Enjoy.

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  1. Pretty consistrent with the posts! Keep it up. Good stuff.