Sunday, March 29, 2015

Enchantment, wonder

In this picture, there's a man with a hat on and his arms are up in the air. He's excited. He's looking at his son. His son is playing with a toy airplane. In the middle of the man's chest there's an airplane (you have to look at it sideways to see it). It's a jet airplane, more sophisticated than what the boy has. I don't know what the picture is about exactly. I wanted to make a tactile picture for the first time. The airplanes are both touchable, meaning they're not flat, they actually come out of the picture. I'm interested very much in touch. I went to an art exhibition in a church once here in Prague and there was a section for blind people where the art that was hanging on the wall had been remade in plastic molds to the side so that you could they could touch and see what the picture was with their hands. maybe because it was in a church I felt this was special. to be able to use your hands, especially in a church where things are often times roped off or made of fine materials like gold and jewels or fine cloth, which I always felt as a kid cut off from, discouraged from interacting with. Especially on the altar if you've been to church. I always had the feeling that it was off limits, that you shouldn't go up there without permission. I don't know. I started to become very interested in color and materials and touch at that point. A few pictures I've made do come off the page in that way and are meant to be touched. I even made an entire set of pictures that really weren't visible and wouldn't be until they had been exposed to touch for a while. They were white on white, but once people started touching them, the oils and dirt from people's hands would bring out the picture, make it visible to the eye, or more visible. 

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