Thursday, April 4, 2013


this is a painting about jan hus, czech religious reformer who was burned at the stake in the middle ages. in the picture he's on fire, but he has the face of a lion now and his hands are pressed up against the picture.


  1. Nice work. Is there a way the "caption" could be more readable? Or is that the intent?

    1. thanks. there are a bunch of different lines around the picture. On the top it says
      "grime will bring us together. we all make trash" in gold.
      In dark green it says
      "love was supposed to be the traveller...down arms and across brains"

      All of this writing is like from Jan Hus talking kinda of defending himself. The bottom half says

      "It's not bad what I said. I don't wanna hurt anybody. I was just thinking about people. What I said is ok to the kids. Better to try something new, right? Than to stick with the old. God is in this. The garbage is holy. Unlead lives looking for proof. Wanted to be passionate about my young life, the ones I'm not. It's ok though to, but there are others enhancing life for, with ideas, not just me. Good thing is thoughts when I can't be there for others."