Friday, October 19, 2012

last night

Last night was cool. Had beers with two cool people, Libor and Monica, husband and wife. They have normal jobs and don't really have time to draw or make sculptures like they used to anymore. It gets a little bit weird when you talk to people about the things they used to do that you like, but don't really do anymore even though you didn't know it. Didn't mean bad by it tho. just think it's great that they do or used to do something. most of the people I know here are great. most of them don't like the work they do and I understand that. they are great people though, so it's amazing how it doesn't get them down that they don't like their job. those people usually have something interesting about them though. they travel a lot. they've seen a ton. So many czechs have been around the world it's nuts. I meet guys in pubs who just seem like normal sports bar kinds of guys who've been all over america, hawaii, everywhere. The people I know who've been to the US have all seen more of it than I have.

Monica's an interesting person. just got her master's degree in special education, telling me about how the school she works at now she's not happy with, telling me about her thesis and about integrating special kids into regular classrooms. About how each student needs an assistant. How the assistants are usually high schoolers working for a bit of extra cash. She said that she hasn't made a drawing in two years and maybe she's lost the technique. It's funny cuz I don't really know what technique is. I know it's about skill making something. I suppose it just means like that technique is a tool. That if you want to paint a picture of a man, with good technique you can make the man look like a man. I thought it was more like that you follow something else. like, okay, outline of a man, but now  let's go over there. oh turns out this isn't a picture of a man. ops now let's go over there? with that color? yes. Anyway I hope she still makes more drawings. I have one and I'll put it up here if I remember.

anyway, Libor has an exhibition this weekend on a boat somewhere in the center of the city. I'm not sure where it is otherwise I'd mention it here. He told me he knows a place somewhere where I can have an exhibition. He says it's a cellar from the 14th century. He said it's beautiful but no one goes there. Would still be something. I don't know more about it yet. I would like to do something with glass and light and color though.

I still have that feeling that it's the words and the writing that should be the focus, not pictures, not making pictures, or fucking with glass and light and color like I just said. I'll never be a great painter because I see barriers. I can't see through it like to some wide open space like I can with writing. I wanna do something with the words the way singers or rappers can, bringing soul to the words because as just text it's lifeless, so I should probably just focus on that. That was the point of writing the majority of the last book backwards. By backwards I mean mirrored, right to left, before I scanned and flipped it digitally so it could be read easily and normally. The result, though still sort of hard to read, I know, is perfect to me. tricking the brain into focusing on not fucking up the lettering and getting a result I couldn't have gotten right side forward (tho I did still mess up some of the letters, mostly ys and js), unless maybe if I wrote it in the dark.

that's what I think the best paintings do, end up with a result that doesn't seem like it came from normal painterly process (love Chagall), it's perfect to me to focus on getting each letter right and not think any bigger than a letter at a time. then the result is interesting to me

man did I just talk alot. I meant to mention just monica and libor and how they're cool. I wanted to mention the new Maximo Park album a while ago. I love those guys. Anyway, that new album sort of got shatted on, but there's at least one great song off the new Maximo Park album, containing this great lyric "And if you say our time was never spent, I'll point you to the places that we went."

The Undercurrents by Maximo Park on Grooveshark

And since this is all over the place and now into music, there's the new album I really like by Holy Other, who happen to be coming to prague in November with Beach house. Totally cool. Gonna be there. Unfortunately it's at meet factory though which is way out of town. Here's a song from the new album that I really like:

Nothing Here by Holy Other on Grooveshark

and this one if you're still here:

Love Some1 by Holy Other on Grooveshark

That's it for now. Enjoy y'all. Keep up the good fight. Happy friday and merry veekend.

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