Friday, June 1, 2012

Exhibition in Prague

I learned something from an old boss I used to have over here in Prague. He was a consultant that came in and had to get a group of technical writers up and running in the company. Dude was wise. I remember he said think about the goal before you put a bunch of work into something. yeah, I always remember that. He was right. I've had this goal for a while to turn the writing I do into tactile pieces of art, then show them in some sort of exhibition that people will come and read/touch and (hopefully) enjoy. The hardest part is actually getting the stuff somewhere people can see it.

Amazingly though (thanks to my miracle maker girlfriend) the hard part has been taken care of. On June 9th I'll be showing a bunch of stuff outdoors on Namesti Republiky in the center of Prague from 5pm to 10pm. June 9th also happens to be Museum Night here in Prague, when most museums and galleries in Prague are open to the public all night for free. So that's an amazing coincidence :)

I think the pictures/writing I'm finishing is great. Really. Proud of it. Sharing pictures and writing digitally has been missing something for me. I wanted to make some things that are tactile, so that's what I've done/am doing. I don't know too much art or writing that's meant for that. So here's to that.

So I'm working towards June 9th. Got plenty of work to do. I'm gonna have a bunch of pictures and writing there for y'all to see. I'm not sure how many people who read my blog live here in Prague, but feel free to stop by Saturday night and introduce yourself if you do.

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