Friday, May 18, 2012

yeah dude

"The free­lance gig tur­ned into a per­ma­nent job. I sta­yed. The first month in New York for a new­co­mer has this cer­tain ama­zing magic about it that is indesc­ri­ba­ble. Incan­des­cent luci­dity. Howe­ver long you stay in New York, you pretty much spend the rest of your time there trying to recap­ture that fee­ling. Cha­sing Manhat­tan Dra­gon. I sup­pose the whole point of the cards ini­tially was to somehow get that buzz onto paper."

- from a 2001 blog post by Hugh Macleod, brilliant writer-of-comics-on-business-cards.

And here's a picture I made inspired by his work,,,

The writing goes like this:

We do still live and be alive.
Not everywhere you see is awesome.
But women and men, kissing,
making love, having children, seeing
beautiful trees, laughing, dance parties.
All this is still, still awesome.

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