Thursday, March 1, 2012

a new book Međugorje

Well this is gonna be long and potentially blowhardy. I’m putting up a new picture and poetry book called Međugorje. Anyone not interested in what it all means can skip this and go read the book below. It’s pretty short. Dante's in there. Hiroshige too. Van Gogh stops by towards the end. Darkman closes it out.

From here on, spoiler alert...

Međugorje means "an area between mountains" in Croatian. It's a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina where a group of children said they saw apparitions of the Virgin Mary. The Church is still investigating whether or not it believes them. A lot of people go there though. One of the boys (Ivan) tours churches in the US.

I first heard about Međugorje from the book Our Lady's Messages at Međugorje by Jim and Barry Tibbetts. It's a book about the history of the place and has all the messages that the apparition supposedly told the kids over the years.

There’s some beauty to the texts if you move them around or modify them a little. The text could be poetic and beautiful if it would lose some of its religiosity. So that’s this book I made. It’s called just about the same thing as the original. Međugorje.

I’ll warn ya. The language is a bit off, and the grammar and spelling were not priority numero uno. A couple of the poems are just a few words on the page. Some of the pages are just pictures. I did the more is more route before. This is small.

I took some of the pictures from the original book and put them in mine: the pictures of the two-towered church in Međugorje on the cover and throughout, the pictures of the kids who saw the visions. The pictures not from the original book are the pictures of a few churches and places in France (Verdun, Sully, Cap Fréhel) and the picture of a man diving into the ocean (I made that by rearranging a couple of Hiroshige pictures). The one color image towards the end is my drawing but a total steal of the only artwork Van Gogh sold in his lifetime. (p.s. from a letter of his to Eugene Boch October 2, 1888 about this painting: Ah well, I have to go to work in the vineyard, near Montmajour. It’s all purplish yellow green under the blue sky, a beautiful, colour motif. Good handshake and good luck, and much success in your work. Ever yours, Vincent). The picture on the last page is a modified version of a drawing in the original book. My version is supposed to look like Darkman. I think it does. I love that movie.

Ok. That’s that. Maybe more than you wanted to know, but my girl told me I should explain it so that it’s clearer. Hope that’ll do for now.

Here she is: