Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The amazing video game podcast The Indoor Kids is having a contest and I'm gonna try and enter. They're looking for anything to do with video games, like fan art, essays, whatever. So I'm gonna try. I've been working on something since last week. Something to do with Link from the original Legend of Zelda for NES and the basic story of a kid leaving home to go on an adventure. So it's gonna be a three part like book sort of tho it'll only have three pages I think. It'll be writing with pictures like I've been doing in the other books. But this time very focused on the story of Link. It's not as weird maybe as the other stuff I've been writing. It's gonna come out all right I think.

I started with this layout of one of the pictures. Not sure what it is exactly yet. Link is in the middle and there are monsters to the left and right. The Triforce is in there. Hearts on the bottom maybe? Have to fill it in with other parts of the game.

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