Thursday, September 29, 2011


I work in a large room with 30 or so other people. The blinds are shut all day because the sunlight reflects off the computer screens. The fluorescent lights are off for the most part too because they flicker and strobe. So when it's sunny outside, it’s nighttime here. Even still, I have a pretty great job.

I have maybe an hour of work each day. The people are nice. I spend most of the time writing or drawing by small desk lamp or even sometimes in one of the bathroom stalls where the light is better. I don't write or paint for money, but the job sort of let’s me pretend that’s what’s happening.

I put all the books up on Amazon. I’ve been thinking more about that. My goal a while ago was to have a bunch of people download and read the books. Now I think the best way to do that is with direct free downloads of the books. It just feels right. You can get them here. There will be others.

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